Triple your Easter Milk Fun!

peeps milkThank you Pee-Wee for oh so many things, but today for introducing Peeps Flavored Milk! Pee-Wee says:

little pee wee

“MILK that tastes like marshmallow PEEPS! Just in time for spring!!*

In fact, there are THREE different flavors!!! Chocolate Marshmallow Milk, Marshmallow Milk, and Easter Egg Nog.* (I KNOW! Egg nog for EASTER!)

Prairie Farms Dairy partnered up with Just Born, the company that makes the colorful marshmallow springtime PEEPS, to create these awesome flavored milks.*


peeps flavored milk

Sugary wholesomeness to start your day that Peeps Way!

Wouldn’t it be great to pour yourself a tall, cool, sugary glass of PEEPS-flavored milk?! Or, have someone do it for you!!”

Peep mustaches…let me know what you think!