villa velmarie, maggona sri lanka

villa velmarie, maggona sri lanka

now, i will be taking a break from messing around with the css and fussing with the h2s and hex codes, and finally add some content, both meaningful and meaningless to readers, or meaningful or amusing to me.

to be genuine, i have to write as if i will be the only one reading the blog. un-self-conscious. in the moment. free from fear of judgment. let the self-importance come as it may without attaching any particular emotion to it. free from capitalization. it’s my blog and i’ll be as lazy as i want.

to be true, should i write as if i am sharing this blog with an imaginary twin, dear diary-style? the twin doesn’t mind how i write or that i have avoided capitals.

a wise person once said “write as if nobody is reading.” genuine and from the heart.

edit: so much for that. my first two pages are all about things i already know about–me and where i live. why i would be telling myself and my imaginary twin this stuff is…well, ridiculous.

second edit: i am already rethinking the way i naturally write without capital letters. will it look as if i’m trying to be cute, clever, or the next e.e.cummings? will i look like an imbecile? what does it say about me? i avoid caps when i write for my own eyes. it reveals my logical thinking (how to capital letters per se make writings easier to understand? why use uppercase when i already have end-of-sentence punctuation? why is ‘i’ capitalized and not ‘you’? if we didn’t capitalize names of people’s names, geographical locations etc. wouldn’t we know where we were, or if someone is speaking about a person? if there’s confusion, can’t we then add capital letters?) as well as a habitual typing laziness.

once i actually believe the blog is being read by someone this stuff matters to, then i’ll start writing like an adult.