Many years ago I was an on-line party planner; sold party supplies on an early website (*/ — remember that it was in the late 90s and I actually used COMIC SANS as well as a whole bunch of animated gifs. A whole bunch). The site had party ideas; in fact, the FIRST Pokemon theme party ideas online. I should have won an award. Because of this site, I was contacted by a book packager (publisher). I ended up writing a party book for school-aged girls called Super Sleepovers and made a few bucks.

Flash forward to a life of many many parties. I have never been able to organize a scheduled party rotation. I’m talking about, say, every two weeks a different one of us hosts a party with a certain theme, and when we’re back to the beginning we move to a new theme. So yesterday I got all jazzed to have this imaginary run of parties based on, “23 Games You Need To Order For Your Friend Group ASAP.” The idea would be for each host to buy one of these new games and have a game night. If the game was extremely fun, there would be more game nights between the next host’s new game. These games sound HILARIOUS just by their names: Social Sabotage, Suddenly Drunk (I do realize we are all zeroing in on retirement), Exploding Cats and Utter Nonsense – Naughty Edition) and more, and I know my laugh-loving mob would have a fantastic time. I know which of my friends would be into it off the bat, but others would balk. At first. Once we got the first game started they’d be hooked. So maybe we could start with just 2 host/game parties. Kim, what do you think?