color me swoon

We recently succumbed to cashier pressure and signed up — paid actual money for –a B&N discount card. We haven’t calculated our break even point, but as a way to increase sales, B&N has it down. What we won’t pay for a 10% discount.

I’m due for a new NYT Sunday Crossword Omnibus. Actually, I’m re-buying ones I’ve already done because my memory is shit. I have an addiction, OK? They relax me, remove me from the day. So I went online. Look what I found! […]

color me swoon tn“Color Me Swoon, The Beefcake Activity Book!” by Mel Elliott. Coloring! What’s more Zen than that! I’m bringin’ out my  kids’ colored pencils and crayons and going to town on the likes — likenesses — of Kevin Bacon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jake Gyllyn  Gylennhall  Gyllenhaal and a slew of other pleasing-to-the-eye males.

Kevin Bacon drawing

Color Me Kevin Bacon! – courtesy of Mel Elliott

I’m starting out with this one, a guy I love inside and out. I honestly believe I would have paid full price for this book, or at least put it on top of my Christmas list. But hey, 10 more $1.09 savings on books and I’ll have saved me enough to cover this one!