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I checked out Techlicious’ picks from the 2018 toy fair. I really like this one for me:

Crayola Crayon Melter

Crayola Crayon Melter

From What a win-win. Old crayon stubs are saved from the trash and kids get to master new artistic techniques with this practical pen-like plaything. Simply stuff your unwrapped crayon bits — or even brand new ones — into the top of the handheld, powered stylus. Seconds later (doesn’t take much heat to melt and it’s merely warm to the touch) you’re working a button-controlled liquid color dispenser that can draw a pretty straight line, produce a pixelated masterpiece or add extra textural layers of built-up design to paper or canvas, picture frames or other craft projects. Recommended for children 8 and (way) up. We’re thinking parents will likely sneak the “crowns” melter away to toy with themselves.
For ages 8+.

Available fall 2018, $24.99

I feel very creativity deprived, and I never act to reverse this. Maybe I need a $25 investment to get me to do something artistic.


Shopping Fantasies – Wood furnishings to drool over.

Want it. Can’t afford it. Get used to it.

Over the years, many of our shopping plans have turned to fantasies. It cramps my stomach a bit, but I feel ok about occasionally thinking out of my reality box. Such was the situation when the aforementioned coton de tulear owners converged upon New Hope, PA on the weekend of their outdoor Arts and Crafts show. Now, this was an extraordinary show, as New Hope itself is an artist’s community and attracts people with bucks. Not a single goose-with-gingham-bow wooden cutout to be seen. Just AMAZING stuff to drool over.

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