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curried fish chowder

laurie’s curried fish chowder soup recipe

Is it a soup? Is it a chowder? It’s both!

Curried fish chowder

Curried fish soup, or is it chowder?

Although my holiday in Sri Lanka was 3 months ago, I think about it every day. I really miss the food, and frequently try to reproduce it. After I made this dish, I asked my husband if he was getting sick of having coconut milk and curry in virtually everything I make these days. Nope! What a silly question.

A few notes on the recipe:

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potato sambal

Baby Potato Sambal recipe

potato sambal/sambol

baby potato sambal |potato sambol

It was the photograph that made me save this recipe. I wonder if I can grow potatoes in my geographic area.  Baby taters are quite costy. This recipe, fortunately, can be made with sliced potatoes. But…nah.

Please note that the recipe is for TWO SERVINGS. In fact, 2 quarter-pound servings. Not in this family. Also,  it assumes you have a pressure cooker. I wonder if I had one, would I use it? But anyway, boil them, let them cool, and peel them. I’m not sure I would bother peeling. I mean will bother.

Grinding isn’t a common American technique. I’ve tried using a mortar and pestal to grind and combine spices. It was a big failure for an impatient weakling. I ended up using our little coffee grinder, and that’s what I’ll use for this recipe. *P.S. Despite what Google says, consider a garlic pod to be one healthy clove.

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Sri Lanka Stories-Part 1


In 1975 I was an AFS exchange student, one of 24 – better known as “The Fearless 24” — in the AFS Americans Abroad program. Our stay was just for the summer, which, for a small third-world Island, was actually a quite  satisfactory length of time. Being an AFS exchange student to Sri Lanka changed, or at least solidified, a huge part of who I am. It brought focus to my principles at the exact right age.

In December 2014, and dipping into the new year, I returned to the island where I reunited with friends and family to celebrate my host mother,  Yvonne Theabold’s 80th birthday. Guests came from far and wide, and for me it was a dream I never thought I would realize. I’ll be posting some stories from these incredible two weeks.

Part 1. Technology

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