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9 things your mother never told you

to my beloved daughters: (not the “hefty hefty hefty” Hefty) brings this spot-on list about motherhood. (p.s. Mom, I get it.)

1. You are the reason she has cried so much.

me and my daughters

me and my daughters

She cried from joy as she learned she was pregnant.  She cried out of happiness when she finally held you in her hands.  She wept with worry when things didn’t go your way.  And with pride at every step along the way.

2. She also wants the last slice.

But of course she says she is full when she notices that you’d like to eat it.  Out of sheer love for you, she gives it up.  She doesn’t just give up the slice of cake, but on so much more in life.

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life lessons from dad

42 things i learned from my dad

how to eat a meal: “a bite of meat, a bite of potatoes, a bite of vegetable.”

courtesy K. Jehriohow to eat ice cream: “turn and lick. turn and lick.”

essential foot hygiene: “dry between your toes.”

why not take a bath: “you’re sitting in your own ick.”

how to sleep: “think of bunnies going lippity lippity lip.”

turkey choices: “white meat, dark meat, or both meat?”

cure for upset stomach: “nibble a cracker.”

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