life lessons from dad

42 things i learned from my dad

how to eat a meal: “a bite of meat, a bite of potatoes, a bite of vegetable.”

courtesy K. Jehriohow to eat ice cream: “turn and lick. turn and lick.”

essential foot hygiene: “dry between your toes.”

why not take a bath: “you’re sitting in your own ick.”

how to sleep: “think of bunnies going lippity lippity lip.”

turkey choices: “white meat, dark meat, or both meat?”

cure for upset stomach: “nibble a cracker.”

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welcome to

theabolds and laurie 1975

ever since i was a wee lass, i felt like there was something …different¬†about me…

posting the first post

villa velmarie, maggona sri lanka

villa velmarie, maggona sri lanka

now, i will be taking a break from messing around with the css and fussing with the h2s and hex codes, and finally add some content, both meaningful and meaningless to readers, or meaningful or amusing to me.

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