Anxiety Dream

Recurring themes

Last night this one again. Slight variations on the frequent theme of ‘nothing to wear.’anxiety dreams --

we’re going to a wedding.

we forgot to mail our rsvp until the day before.

they probably don’t know we’re coming.

i can’t find piece 2 of my 2-piece outfit.

i find a pretty dress.

the dress is ripped.

i find a gloomy brown dress.

it smells musty.

it is too wintery for that time of the year.

i have no choice but to wear the gloomy musty wintery brown dress.

i have no stockings.

i find very heavy thick, black wool tights.

i have no choice but to wear the heavy, thick wool tights. Which are black. And baggy.

i look for brown shoes.

only find one.

my family has long since left without me.

i find perfect strappy gold shoes.

one had its entire heel missing.

i find clunky black boots.

i have to wear them.

i struggle to put them on.

they are too tight to fit over the black tights.

i decide to remove the tights.

but i am wearing holey jeans under my dress, over the tights.

it’s too late to go to the wedding.

please! share your anxiety dreams with me so I don’t think I’m the only neurotic dreamer!