laurie freehafer

  • birth name – laurie ann enger
  • married name – laurie a freehafer
  • social media names – laurie enger freehafer, laurpheus, laffter
  • residence – ballston spa, new york
  • occupation – freelance website doer: seo, content, research, blogging marketing, analytics, graphics, whatever I’m asked as soon as i’m asked
  • offspring – yes
  • dog – one
  • food – completely nonjudgmental vegetarian/infrequent pescatarian. i really don’t care if you eat meat. it’s just not my  thing. why? all the reasons.
  • ssn – give me a sec, i’ll go look it up.
  • major credit card numbers – um, 4372 something…5225 something.  be right back.