I checked out Techlicious’ picks from the 2018 toy fair. I really like this one for me:

Crayola Crayon Melter

Crayola Crayon Melter

From Techlicious.com: What a win-win. Old crayon stubs are saved from the trash and kids get to master new artistic techniques with this practical pen-like plaything. Simply stuff your unwrapped crayon bits — or even brand new ones — into the top of the handheld, powered stylus. Seconds later (doesn’t take much heat to melt and it’s merely warm to the touch) you’re working a button-controlled liquid color dispenser that can draw a pretty straight line, produce a pixelated masterpiece or add extra textural layers of built-up design to paper or canvas, picture frames or other craft projects. Recommended for children 8 and (way) up. We’re thinking parents will likely sneak the “crowns” melter away to toy with themselves.
For ages 8+.

Available fall 2018, $24.99

I feel very creativity deprived, and I never act to reverse this. Maybe I need a $25 investment to get me to do something artistic.