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theabolds and laurie 1975

a wise person once said “write as if nobody is reading.” genuine and from the heart, i guess. me, i’m writing to my imaginary twin who is totally non-judgy, which is really important, because while i am a grammar snob (do i need a comma here?) i am no kind of punctuation snob. commas are optional when writing to my imaginary twin, and obviously, so are capital letters. s/he is ok with it. (see into the future ‘capitalization’ post which i’ll link to when I post it).

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Sri Lanka Stories – Security

sri lanka security

–Part 2 of a series of stories from my trip to Sri Lanka, 39 years after being an AFS exchange student. Read other parts HERE.

Fresh off the boat — aircraft, that is — Sri Lanka Customs tells it like it is. All visitors are greeted with this friendly warning:

extremely dire Sri Lanka security warning, No drugs.

don’t even think about it.

Since luggage searching sure seemed to be strictly voluntary, I suspect there are a few smugglers who sneak through.

At home base in Mt. Lavinia, all I can say is I hope we don’t have to escape this house for any urgent reason. The

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for posterity – 2006 AFS family re-connection

I don’t know how long Blogspot will be around, but in 2006 I wrote of a miraculous time when, after decades, I finally met up with my Sri Lankan Sister in NYC. The site isn’t hosting all of the images anymore, but as long as I keep this site going, I’ll remember how I felt in 2006. The whole thing is copied here so I never forget.

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1970s songs to walk/run by

ipod photo from Pixabay.com

walking tunes – oldies

I always have to sing in my head when walking or running, because:

  • my walking tunes (and all my music, in fact) are on my iPod (yup, as are my audiobooks. Old school, but huge capacity.) –headphones required.
  • I use the c25k app on my phone, and I’m simply lost without the encouragement and timing prompts it gives me–headphones also required.

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my theme song

Chills. I am a stupid little dreamer, and i couldn’t be more comfortable with it.


“Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, you’ll be a mile from them, and you’ll have their shoes.”

Jack Handey


bloody veggie burgers for carnivores

Bloody Veggie Burger

A while back — so far back that I didn’t even know how to capitalize the first word of sentences or the word I, I posted a recipe for a really tasty veggie burger that was even supposed to be enjoyed by carnivores. That was then; that was a recipe. This is SCIENCE, man:

Impossible Burger

I’ll have mine well done, thank you very much.

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anxiety dreams-nothing to wear

Anxiety Dream

Recurring themes

Last night this one again. Slight variations on the frequent theme of ‘nothing to wear.’anxiety dreams -- Pixabay.com

we’re going to a wedding.

we forgot to mail our rsvp until the day before.

they probably don’t know we’re coming.

i can’t find piece 2 of my 2-piece outfit.

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curried fish chowder

laurie’s curried fish chowder soup recipe

Is it a soup? Is it a chowder? It’s both!

Curried fish chowder

Curried fish chowder, or is it soup?

Although my holiday in Sri Lanka was 3 years ago, I think about it every day. I really miss the food, and frequently try to reproduce it. After I made this dish, my addictive curried fish chowder, I asked my husband if he was getting sick of having coconut milk and curry in virtually everything I make these days. Nope! What a silly question.

A few notes on the recipe:

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age discrimination: hey fogey! go to the back of the bus!

Age Discrimination

Today’s lesson on age discrimination is based on an article posted on LinkedIn Pulse last week entitled When it Comes To Age Bias, Tech Companies Don’t Even Bother to Lie by Dan Lyons.

Future Age Discrimination victim - laurpheus.com

This story provides a disturbing account of one company’s reprehensible system of age discrimination in the workplace. We all know it exists, consciously or subconsciously, but any employer with a bit of sense will successfully deny it. HubSpot’s CEO Brian Halligan, evidently, lacks that  bit of sense, espousing the practice in an interview with The New York Times.

Lyons’ April 5th  article is about flagrant age discrimination at HubSpot, as reportedly is his book, Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Startup Bubble,” he relays a situation in which his management admitted and defended their practice of illegal discrimination:

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potato sambal – updated!

Baby Potato Sambal recipe

potato sambal/sambol

baby potato sambal |potato sambol

It was the photograph that made me save this recipe. I wonder if I can grow potatoes in my geographic area.  Baby taters are quite costy, per cubic inch. This recipe, fortunately, can be made with sliced potatoes. But…nah.

Please note that the recipe is for TWO SERVINGS. In fact, 2 quarter-pound servings. Not in this family. Also,  it assumes you have a pressure cooker. I wonder if I had one, would I use it? [2018 update: I’ve had an Instant Pot for almost a year now. watch  video HERE. I can do anything!!! ]

But anyway, boil them, let them cool, and peel them. I’m not sure I would bother peeling. I mean will bother.  [Another update: made ’em. loved ’em. didn’t even think of peeling baby potatoes, for crying out loud!]

Grinding isn’t a common American technique. I’ve tried using a mortar and pestal to grind and combine spices. It was a big failure for an impatient weakling. I ended up using our little coffee grinder, and that’s what I’ll use for this recipe. *P.S. Despite what Google says, consider a garlic pod to be one healthy clove.

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